Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random highlights from 2010

K was a clown at her preschool circus. She did a fabulous job. She handed out popcorn before the show started, ran around chasing another clown after "cutting" his hair, and then she told some jokes. This seemed to be the perfect role for her. I didn't know she was so funny and could get up in front of a lot of people like that and not appear to be nervous.
At the butterfly house - a preschool field trip. She wasn't afraid of the butterflies landing on her. To me they are still bugs and I would rather not have them on me!
The Dow Run/Walk we try to do as a family every year. In 2010, S did the 10K, the older kids did the 5K, and I did the 1 mile with the little ones. It was just right for me after having a baby only two months before the race.

June, 2010: B's blessing day.

We had S's family (all but one of his sisters) come up for this special event.
A definite highlight for the boys in June. This was an activity they participated in at scout camp. Really, what's more fun than using a water gun to spray whipped cream off of your brother's face. And it was a competition against other boys... even better. I think they won, too.

In July there was a youth pioneer trek that S, D, and Na went on. They looked the part and had a great time, walking, and walking, and walking, eating strange foods, and playing old-fashioned games. They came back tired and looking very tan, until they took showers and realized it wasn't a tan, it was dirt. Gross!

Also in July, Grandpa and Grandma came out from California for a week to see their new grandson.

August came along and we took a trip to Cedar Point Amusement park and then toured Kirtland, Ohio to learn a bit more about our church history. Also in August, the boys went on a 50-miler along Pictured Rocks as their scout high adventure. They had fun, but admitted it was a lot harder than they expected.
September brought another new school year. D was a Sophomore, Na a freshman, J, 7th grade, Ni, 5th grade, E, 3rd, and K started kindergarten (and first time riding the bus to school - she was very excited.) Another highlight for the fall, D and Na both ran on the cross country team.
September was also special because E got baptized. Family came up to spend the day with us. It was a good day.
October: Ni participated in the 5th grade 1 mile fun run. It was extra fun this year because her older brother and sister were there as the high school volunteers helping with the race.
Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year. S and I went to a party as a dead bride and groom. I don't know how I keep managing to convince him to dress up with me. I think he secretly likes to. He had fun with this one. Plus he loved my black lipstick! :)

November: Relatives from Germany came as a surprise for my mother-in-law's birthday. Boy was she surprised. They came up to our house for a couple of days as well. B didn't know what to think. It was great having them here. Above: Uncle Walter with B. Below: Ni with Aunt Suzie.

Uncle Walter, S, Aunt Suzie, and Aunt Angela (Walter's wife).

December... well, our front yard was a giant eye-sore. It was in a different state of "pit" during the entire fall season. We were having our septic field redone because it was failing us. I never knew what a pain it would be. First they dug up our entire yard. Then began the layering process... rocks, pipes, more rocks, straw, sand, topsoil and finally grass seed (which actually wouldn't be done until the spring). Apparently the field wasn't done right in the first place - but how were we to know? It's all underground! Anyway, it's fixed now, and we don't have to do that again, ever!
I forgot what it was like to have a Christmas tree and a toddler. He wouldn't leave it alone. He was especially fascinated by the lights and kept trying to grab them.
Ni had a piano recital, and all the relatives got to come see because they were in town for our annual family Christmas party. Fortunately there was enough snow so we got to sled in our backyard. It was a lot of fun.

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