Thursday, January 26, 2012

December 2011

December - B was fascinated by all the new sights and sounds at home and when we visited the Santa House. He was a little nervous about getting too close to the bearded man in the red suit. As long as he was being held by his sister he didn't flip out.

One of the many traditions of Christmas - we get together with extended family to exchange gifts and let the kids create and play together. B wasn't interested in making a gingerbread house, only in unwrapping as many suckers and chocolates as I would let him have. I'm sure he thought he hit the jackpot. It's especially funny because he really didn't eat any of them, he just liked having them. Also my sister-in-law is due to have her baby boy only a few weeks after I'm due with a girl.
Finally Christmas morning and all that goes with it. Plenty of presents, good food, and a lot of sitting around playing video games.
And last but definitely not least - a highlight for our family - we finally made it to see the theater production of Wicked. That was one of the gifts this year. It was playing in a nearby city. We had a fabulous time. I especially enjoyed watching the reactions of the kids during certain parts of the play. This will be something they won't soon forget and I think through this experience we have successfully converted the kids to the theater. They wanted to know when we would be going to another musical and what it will be. We had a really good Christmas.
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luckyduck said...

Heather - it's so fun to catch up on your family. Congratulations on expecting again!